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MAN-E-NEWS// The custom Ammonaitos from Adam Pratt x Mechavirus…

We’ve been dying to see more of Adam Pratt’s latest custom collaboration with Mechavirus since we posted work-in-progress shots last week, so it came with great pleasure this morning to find that the project is already nearing completion! Joining the beautiful fungus encrusted Ammonaito that we originally revealed, Adam has painted the other single in a hugely contrasting style, choosing an authentic copper finish with turquoise copper oxide weathering… Now interestingly, the third piece, which combines 2 Ammonaitos to create the skull shape seen bottom left, will be incorporating both styles into it’s finish… Currently still a work-in-progress, the beautiful objet d’art will come with a removable back plaque. No news on the exact pricing or release date on these guys as of yet, but we’re guessing they’ll be heading to the Mechavirus store sometime soon…

Links to follow

MAN-E-NEWS// “The Host” custom Munny from Adam Pratt…

Adam Pratt kindly shares with us his latest project, “The Host” custom 4″ Munny! Whilst an unusual choice of platform for the prolific mini figure customiser, Adam has taken it in his stride, creating a beautifully over the top piece that has the Halfbad stamp all over it… Featuring a poor green fellow being consumed from within by an ugly tentacled beast, the custom’s level of detail is truly astounding; from the various tentacles and individual suckers jutting out from the host’s body (part kit-bashed from a Fisher Price toy!), through to the huge bug-eyes and purple warts, Adam has managed to achieve the same fine finish that has made his mini figure work so popular… No news on pricing at the moment, so your best bet is to hit Adam up directly at with any enquiries…

MAN-E-NEWS// The Mega Mecha custom Android series from Adam Pratt…

As mentioned last week (Custom Street Shark post, here), our good friend Adam Pratt has been busy working on an awesome new blind-boxed custom Android series, the Mega Mechas! Taking the kit-bashed army aesthetic that we’ve come to know and love, Adam has produced 16 pieces for the series, with 7 common designs, 5 uncommon, 3 rare and one ultra rare. Featuring a plethora of cool accessories and colourways, each level of rarity offers a more complex style of customisation, including increasingly unique and intricate paint schemes, decals and such. Adam has stated that 2 of the Mega Mechas will come with a golden ticket, entitling them to an extra custom Android chase! Priced at just $40 each, the signed and carded figures will be hitting Adam’s store tomorrow (May 11th) at 1pm, and will be available to order (with free shipping!) for a limited 24 hour period…

MAN-E-NEWS// The “Slash” custom Street Shark from Adam Pratt…

What with his stunning Candy Coated Custom Show entry, numerous commissioned projects, a micro resin drop and an upcoming blind boxed custom Android series, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Adam Pratt has little time for personal projects… but as you can see from his latest stunning piece, the “Slash” Street Shark custom, he always manages to squeeze in the odd self-indulgent custom here and there!

Remembered for their sheer bulkiness and size, the under-used Street Shark platform has proven to be an awesome canvas for Adam’s meticulous paint style, with a considered use of washes, weathering and fine detail really helping to elevate the action figure into the realms of art. Sadly, this guy has already been accounted for, but Adam plans to work on another of Dr Piranoid’s goons, Slobster, in the near future. Follow Adam on Instagram @monsters_eye for daily studio updates…

MAN-E-NEWS// Box-O-Zombies customs from Adam Pratt…

With the utterly brilliant “Box-O-Zombies” touching down a few weeks back, our good friend Adam Pratt wasted no time in getting to work on them, with his first batch getting a full reveal last week. Consisting of 6 pvc “green soldier” style mounted figures, the Box-O-Zombies’ high level of realism and adherence to scale over the likes of S.L.U.G and OMFG has given Adam the leeway to produce some of the most jaw-dropping customs we’ve seen from the artist to date. Unfortunately, these guys have already found a home in one lucky person’s collection, but if you’re interested in bagging a set, head over to his site now to make an enquiry…

Box-O-Zombies press//

“Box O Zombies is owned by Immersive Realms, Inc. founded and operated by Shawn Recinto. The figures and artwork are created by a few Chicago artists who have a passion for zombies, figures, and just making things awesome. 

Box O Zombies was initially inspired by Shawn’s kids. Whenever he saw his sons play with their toys i.e. little green army men, they usually ended up pretending zombies were attacking their soldiers as they would try to protect/defend an area in their sister’s dollhouse. So Shawn looked online for some zombie figures similar to the little green army men and discovered that there were not many options. The options that were out there didn’t have that scary zombie look the toy soldiers would fear, so he pitched the idea to a local artist and thus Box O Zombies were born. 

Since December of 2010, our small group at Box O Zombies have been working hard to make this possible. We are proud to announce the beginning of a fun and creative company.”

MAN-E-FEATURE// Ted Terranova talks Quad Stugs and the future of Rivet Wars…

Released at the beginning of last month to the delight of a loyal legion of Rivet Wars fans, Ted Terranova’s Quad Stug took the war torn world  of the Allies and Blights to a whole new level. The first in the series to feature multiple parts, the beautifully detailed resin figure was painstakingly designed, hand cast, prepped, and assembled solely by Ted. With such a massive project now successfully completed, we though it was about time to catch up with the man himself again (read our extensive Rivet Wars interview here) to discuss the Stug, the problems he faced in getting it off the drawing board, and of course, his plans for the series in 2012…

The Quad Stug is the ultimate 80’s toy that never was, what inspired its design?

What inspired the design was all the cool walking vehicles I’ve seen over the years.  I think Dougram was one of the first toy lines that exposed me to a walking tank as a kid.  That line has all types of cool walking vehicles and transports.  I think I had maybe one dougram toy as a kid but I’d spend hours pouring over the tiny catalog that came in the box, looking at each toy and trying to figure out what it did.  Then I’d draw pictures of it and variants.  I also had some copies of Hobby Japan and I’d do the same, looking through those for cool mecha.  Then there were other influences like Ghost in the Shell and Orgus, which both had great walking tank type vehicles.  And just putting a tank on legs seems so cool, I just always wanted to do it.

The Quad Stug is easily the most ambitious Rivet Wars release yet, were there any particular hurdles you faced from getting it off the drawing board to its finished state? How much harder was it to prep/cast compared to your previous works?

Yeah it was a bit more ambitious, at least for me.  It was the first time that I’ve tried to make a multiple part toy.  I received a lot of great advice from more experienced toy makers and they all suggested going with multiple parts so that I could have more detail.  It made a lot of sense, and was the correct decision, but it added a lot more work.

The first hurdle was the size.  It was much bigger than anything I’d ever made so the 3D print itself was more difficult to get done and had a higher cost.  Because of this I made the print hollow, to reduce the material.  Unfortunately when I was making the molds, the pressure from the pressure pot crushed the 3D print.  I was pretty devastated.  I couldn’t afford to print it again and if I quit I’d have nothing to show for all my work.  So I pulled the silicone apart and dug all the pieces of the print out, glued it back together as best I could and tried again. The second time it worked and I had molds!  If you see the finished toy you can see the cracks in the bottom of the tank.  I wish it was perfect, like it could have been, but in a way those cracks remind me of how hard this process is and how much I learn each time I make a new piece.  And everyone was cool with overlooking the flaws and calling it battle damage :)

But that wasn’t all.  The casting was much more intensive than I’d planned since I had to pour four legs and a body for each tank.  Then I had to clean up all those pieces which entailed cutting off all the flashing, grinding down some parts, cleaning it all and then assembly. In the end though I was so happy with it.  When I held it in my hand I couldn’t believe how good the weight and size felt.  And I learned a ton more about making toys and I hope this will help me with future projects.

[Rivet Wars concepts]

What’s next for Rivet Wars? We’d love to see the monowheel, heli backpack and armoured suit realised!

Right now Adam Pratt and I are collaborating on a Quad Stug limited release.  Adam is custom painting five stugs and I am creating some art that will be included with the Stugs.  I haven’t seen what Adam is doing yet but I know they will be insanely cool.  And there are only going to be five.  We should be announcing that soon and by then we’ll have all the details.  They should be up for sale by mid april at the latest.  Very exciting!

After that, part of me wants to just make a real toy.  Get a factory to make something that is really nice and comes in a box and that I don’t have to put together in the basement.  And something I can sell at a low price and offer to anyone.  It really bugs me that I can’t make enough grunts or vert tanks for everyone.  I just don’t have the time to do it and the molds break up after a while.  I’d really like to make thousands of grunts and have them in a big box and just sell them by the pound LOL…

But I am also looking at making a Rivet Wars game.  A few people have encouraged me in this area so I am talking to people about a board game or miniatures or a video game or just some way you can take these little guys and play with them using some kind of rules.

And I’d like to continue the comic, but again, I need more time so that’s on the backburner.  So as usual, I’m not sure where Rivet Wars is headed, but I will say that 2012 will be an exciting year for Rivet Wars and I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

[Rocket Firing Tracked Motorcycle box art concept]

Aside from the toy releases, how else can we expect the Rivet Wars universe to develop over 2012? Are there still plans for a world map and more backstory?

Yes, the world of Rivet will continue to expand.  I really need to get that world map together.  I have many sketches but I need to jump into illustrator or photoshop and really nail something down.  I’ve been reading a lot of material related to WWI and the world is similar to that time period. There are many small nations embracing the idea of nationalism while other large areas are still ruled by kings and dukes who essentially just own a lot of land and therefore rule that land.  That’ll be the Blighters, a more old school aristocracy, frightened by the changes they see in other nations, frightened of losing the grip they have on their lands.   And scared people make bad choices like starting wars.

I’d also like the reveal the storyline I’ve been working on and some of the characters.  I think it’s a pretty cool story, but I’m not a writer, so hopefully it’s decent enough.  And then there’s all the little things like getting the logos, nation names, etc all figured out. But my greatest concern is people losing interest.  That I’ll be too slow in bringing new things to the table.  It’s that concern that keeps me drawing away while I’m watching TV and coloring stuff at night before I go to sleep.   I feel very lucky that so many people are already interested in Rivet Wars and I want to make sure that I keep giving them enough exciting stuff to make it worth their interest…

Anyone interested in purchasing the Quad Stug will be happy to know that Ted still has a limited supply available in his shop priced at just $28 each. The concept box art featured above has also recently been released as a t-shirt on RedBubble, avialable in a variety of sizes and colours for just $23.62 plus shipping.

Stay tuned for more info on the upcoming Adam Pratt x Rivet Wars Stug custom project over the coming weeks…

MAN-E-REVEAL// Custom NUKED! mini-figures from Adam Pratt…

Master customiser and close friend of MAN-E-TOYS, Adam Pratt, sent over some pics of his latest project today- a custom painted set of NUKED! mini-figures, privately commissioned by yours truly!

Hand sculpt and cast by Steve Patt of Papagrim Toys, the initial set of 3 mini-figures (Clawgrugg, Skekiltor, and Oculus Viri) were released (and quickly vanished) last month. We were lucky enough to get a couple of sets over to Adam, and boy are we glad that we did! The scale and level of detail of the figures have lent themselves perfectly to Adam’s intricate style (as with his recent OMFG customs), with extra design flourishes, including Oculus’ Anarchy stricken leather jacket, really helping to make the figures pop. The choice of colours are also of note, with Adam opting for gritty, earthy tones that are reminiscent of his and Steve’s OG Skekiltor, released through Halfbad Toyz last year.

Anyone interested in commissioning their own piece of Adam Pratt art should contact him through his site here– we’re sure he’ll be more than happy to oblige, just don’t ask for pink glitter!

Whilst the initial violet glow, green glow (pictured), and black NUKED! sets have long since disappeared, Steve is offering up a whole host of seconds and bad casts for just $2 each! Perfect for customisers, the mini-figures are available through the Papagrim Big Cartel now…

The world is in turmoil after years of rebellion war and hate the planet erupts into a nuclear hellfire. Earth is a barren inhospitable wasteland with few civilizations dotting the once fruitful plains. Man is virtually no more as Mutation took hold accelerating the course of man’s adaption to this new and harsh environment.

Although life may still exist on this foul planet War and hatred still tears it asunder. Oculus Viri along with a small band of what is left of the united states still hold up within the ruins of the former white house.

Imperator Lacertus the disgustingly cruel leader of the FOEZ, Skekiltor his right hand, and Clawgrugg the general, Will stop at nothing to crush the only thing standing in his way. Oculus and his gang of rag tag mutants.

Oculus Viri the leader, Sam Atom the brute, and Noctu the mind, are working to amass an army of their own kind in order to protect the freedoms of their people.

Who will win the war for control of this post-apocalyptic civilization?

This is now YOUR charge, choose a side amass an army of your own battle your friends and choose the fate of this new world!


MAN-E-NEWS// Custom ‘Cerebragon’ Podaigon from Adam Pratt…

Our good friend Adam Pratt has just revealed his latest toy project, the ‘Cerebragon’ custom Podaigon (originally sculpted by Steven Patt of Papagrim under Halfbad Toyz). Standing at 6″ tall, the 12 ounce hunk of resin comes replete with a Jumping Brain infused cranium, extra sculpted detail, and, as always, an expertly finished custom paint job. Cerebragon has 2 points of articulation (the 2 posable ‘head feet’ have been removed to make way for the brain), plus removable gun for your posing pleasure…

Available to purchase from Adam’s Big Cartel now, Cerebragon has been priced at $75 plus shipping. Head over to Adam’s site with any queries regarding private commissions, we’re sure he’ll be more than happy to oblige…

MAN-E-FEATURE// The custom toys of Adam Pratt…

Art toy creator/customiser and close friend of MAN-E-TOYS, Adam Pratt, has been hard at work on countless projects since we last delved into his work, and with a major announcement coming soon (more exclusively at MAN-E-TOYS on Monday!), we thought it was about time to get a recap on some of his latest work…

We first found out about Adam’s beautiful custom work through a feature we did on Ted Terranova’s Rivet Wars some time ago, so we were more than happy to find that he’d been at the war paint once again! Based on a Fisher Price peg car of all things, Adam’s Grunt Jeep is one of our favourite RW customs yet, replacing garish neon colourings with expertly weathered greens, dusty yellows, and metallic blacks- quite simply stunning! Not sure if Adam has already had a buyer on this one, but we’ll keep you informed if it (or another!) is ever made available.

Adam has finished his first round of customs from the newly released OMFG! Series from October Toys, which are due to be released exclusively through the University of MUSCLE store sometime soon. We’ve commissioned a set of the amazing figures ourselves, so we’ll be bringing some more in-depth coverage on the customs as soon as they arrive on our doorstep- can’t wait!

One toy we’ve (obviously!) wanted to see customised for quite some time is MOTU’s Man-E-Faces, so it came with great pleasure this week to find out that Adam had just finished a version himself! Part of a huge project that will be exclusively revealed right here on Monday, Man-E-Faces was taken apart by Adam piece by piece, re-painted in a sinister magenta/flesh/metal colour scheme, and painstakingly re-built to form the most insanely detailed customs in the history of MOTU! With more like this in the pipeline, 2012 is going to be an expensive year for Adam’s legion of fans…


Adam has revealed that he will be running a special promotion through the weekend. Starting from 12 noon (EST) today, anyone interested in supporting Adam will be able to donate $5 towards future projects through a Paypal button on his site– but wait, this isn’t just for the selflessly kind, Adam will be sending a mini-figure to everyone who gets involved! There’s no limit to donations as well, so the more you give, the more you will receive! On top of all this, Adam will also be offering a custom painted figure to the 125th supporter, plus another lucky fan chosen at random. Be sure to head over to the site quick, because the promotion will be ending at midnight in Monday!


T.M.N.T Walkabout custom from Adam Pratt…

Art toy designer/customiser Adam Pratt has just revealed to us his latest custom project, in the form of vintage T.M.N.T action figure, Walkabout. The first in a series of around 10 planned T.M.N.T customs (a selection of which should be available at this years Toy Street trade show), Walkabout is currently available to purchase for $50 through Adam’s shop here.

Adam explains a little about the project-

I really enjoy painting up Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures. The sculpts on them are crisp, and there are many little details that got lost in the original paint schemes (which were garish and neon).

This guy got painted up in a very realistic paint scheme, and I added a bunch of little freehand details that really made the figure pop.

He was painted with acrylics, washes and weathering powder before being given a matte seal. He dried with a tiny amount of shine, and the paint applique looks like it was originally printed on the figure.

Thanks for the heads up Adam!

NUKED!: new resin mini-figures from Papa Grim Toys…

Dropping exclusively at Papa Grim Toys’ store here this Friday (January 13th), Nuked! is the latest resin toy series from ex-Halfbad Toyz sculptor, Steven Patt. Creator of the original 4″ Skekiltor, Patt’s latest 3 piece set features 2″ versions of the right hand man himself, FOEZ leader Imperator Lacertus, and general Clawgrugg, all of which will be available in 3 different colourways; violet glow, black, and green glow. Each edition has been limited to ten pieces, with a price point set at $20 (with free shipping for orders of over three sets).


The world is in turmoil after years of rebellion war and hate the planet erupts into a nuclear hellfire. Earth is a barren inhospitable wasteland with few civilizations dotting the once fruitful plains. Man is virtually no more as Mutation took hold accelerating the course of man’s adaption to this new and harsh environment.

Although life may still exist on this foul planet War and hatred still tears it asunder. Oculus Viri along with a small band of what is left of the united states still hold up within the ruins of the former white house.

Imperator Lacertus the disgustingly cruel leader of the FOEZ, Skekiltor his right hand, and Clawgrugg the general, Will stop at nothing to crush the only thing standing in his way. Oculus and his gang of rag tag mutants.

Oculus Viri the leader, Sam Atom the brute, and Noctu the mind, are working to amass an army of their own kind in order to protect the freedoms of their people.

Who will win the war for control of this post-apocalyptic civilization?

This is now YOUR charge, choose a side amass an army of your own battle your friends and choose the fate of this new world!

“These mini-figures are in-scale with classic Monster in my pocket toys and the like, they clock in at just over 2inches.. I will be casting a total of 100 sets before I move on to the next three sculpts in the line so expect a few more waves of figures.”~mentions Steven Patt via Toysrevil.

Check out Papa Grim Toys here for more information…
(photos via papagrim)

Exclusive: Interview With Toy Creator/Customiser Adam Pratt

(Hand Painted Skekiltor, Adam Pratt/Halfbad Toyz- Art and Design Steven Patt 2011)

With his custom toy work featuring in both of our recent ‘Rivet Wars‘ articles, we decided to delve a little further into the world of artist Adam Pratt. The Massachusetts based toy designer/customiser has produced a number of amazing pieces over the years, but it wasn’t until the formation of Halfbad Toyz back in November of last year that his work gained the recognition it deserved- quickly shooting him and his team to the top of the ‘indie’ art toy scene.

(A selection of Adam Pratt’s custom work for Ted Terranova’s Rivet Wars 2011)

Working on several successful projects including the FOEZ line, Fruit Fighters, and the original Captain Plastic mini, Halfbad disbanded at the end of July, leaving Adam to focus on his solo toy projects, collaborations, and customs. His recent work has included a number of keshi (rubber mini-figures, made popular in the mid 80’s) kit-bashes, the aforementioned Rivet Wars customs, several limited run resin casts, and an as-yet unrevealed collaborative toy sculpt.

FOEZ Line, 2011

(Skekiltor- FOEZ, Halfbad Toyz- Art and Design Steven Patt 2011)

Skekiltor, The Mace of Hades was once a virtuous knight, but was corrputed by an evil shaman. In a harrowing evil ritual, he was changed from a knight to the monster you see today. His mace was fused to his arm so his weapon will never leave his side.”

(Podiagon- FOEZ, Halfbad Toyz- Art and Design Steven Patt 2011)

Podiagon was a humanoid once, but ill fortune befell him after diving into the ocean on his planet. He did not see the evil symbiotic organism in the water, and as he dove in he was stuck, and the organism used his DNA to form Podiagon. All that is left now of the host is his feet, sticking out the top of the intelligent and evil mass.”

So, even with the goodbye to Halfbad earlier in the year, Adam has been making some serious headway in establishing himself as one to watch in the growingly saturated art toy scene. We were lucky enough to catch some time with the man himself last week to discuss toys, influences and future plans- we hope you enjoy!

(Captain Plastic, Adam Pratt 2011)

First off, information on your work is pretty scarce, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background? Any highlights from your career so far?

Well, Halfbad Toyz was my first foray into the designer toy scene. My buddies Alex and Ahren came on board when I started customizing toys this time last year. Before that I had never done any toy customs. I come from a miniature and garage kit background for painting and modelling.

Halfbad Toyz had a very good run, we put out some very popular figures includign Skekiltor (sculpted by Steven Patt) and our Fruit Fighters mini figure line. I decided that I wanted to explore the different avenues of my art, and so I made the choice to end Halfbad Toyz on an upnote. It had a great run, and I think it was the right thing to do.

My background, as I mentioned, was purely a miniature and resin model kit painter. I worked for Games Workshop for many years, and still do commission work for miniature painters and private collectors. My father started teaching me to paint when I was eight, and I really think my experience has given me a very unique “look” to my customs and original pieces.

I currently live in the Pioneer Valley in Western Massachusetts, the environment here is very supportive of the arts, and our local gallery (FOE Gallery) has been awesome in working with us and supporting the designer toy movement.

One of the highlights that stands out for me is the relase of our Skekiltor figure. It was designed, sculpted, cast, painted and distributed all on our own, out of pocket. We had no idea really how to do it, and it was a fairly big success for us. We were humbled by the response from the community. It felt good to be able to offer a fairly priced, really cool toy.

(Kinkeshi customs, Adam Pratt)

Where does your love of toys stem? You’ve worked with the classic kinkeshi figures (and Onell Designs’ similar creations) on numerous occasions, did the rubber miniatures feature heavily in your childhood?

My father was an antique dealer for almost thirty years, and I grew up playing with Marx toy soldiers and Auburn rubber cars. I have always had a love and appreciation for toys, but as an adult I really focus on the pop culture aspect of them.

The small rubber and plastic figures were not big in my toy collection as a kid, I was a Transformers kind of guy. However, because of my extensive background in miniature painting, the first customs I did were the smaller rubber figures. It seemed natural to transition to them, and it just kind of stuck. I have a healthy following that collects my customs, and I really enjoy painting them.

The Glyos figures are, in my opinion, one of the best desgined toys ever created. They are affordable, fun, well made and are the perfect platform for customizers. I enjoyed painting and customizeing every single Glyos I have done, and I will continue to do them as long as those toys are being made.

(Glyos by Onell Designs- Adam Pratt Customs)

What artists/toy designers have inspired you in your work. Is there anyone you follow in particular?

I have spent the past year really looking at other artists work. I have to say that I am constantly inspired by the community as a whole. Everyone is doing their own thing, but this past year guys like Ted Terranova from Rivet Wars and Motorbot have really got me thinking and brainstorming.

I try to give everyone their due. Something that I really can’t stand is the “rockstar” mentality of some of the toy artists. I am a really humble person, and I just do what I do.   I want people to like my toys and customs, and take them for what they are. I am just a vehicle for wherever creativity comes from.

(Big Muscamoot by Chris Ryniak, Adam Pratt custom)

What plans do you have for the future? You’ve been doing quite a bit of casting recently, have you ever considered working on a full series of original toys?

The future looks very rad. I have a resin toy coming out in a week or so that has been the product of a collaboration with artist and designer Vanessa Ramirez. I can’t talk too much about it, but we will be releasing the info and first photos very soon.

I plan on coming out with a line of fantasy resin figures, I am working on the sculpts now, and a couple of “lowbrow” releases as well. I really like the pop culture homages (bootlegs if you like) and I will continue to offer those.

As far as more mini figures, I still would like to offer the Fruit Fighters again. They need a re-tooling, and some cosmetic changes.

Finally, I want to say thank you to everyone who supports my work! It humbles me every time someone likes something enough to purchase it, I really appreciate it.

(Fruit Fighters- Halfbad Toyz/Adam Pratt 2011)
Go to Adam’s blog here to read more about his work. His Big.Cartel site features new resin toys and customs on a weekly basis, so be sure to check it out if your interested in purchasing his work (he is currently featuring the latest GID figures from the Captain Plastic series, made to order).
(photos courtesy of Adam Pratt, all rights reserved)