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MAN-E-NEWS// Audrey Slips With Butterknife 1:1 and the WWRp Ceasars from 3A Toys…

Fresh from the huge success that was ReVenture, 3A Toys are proud to present their latest blind-boxed series, Audrey Slips With Butterknife! Sculpted by Ashley Wood, the strange-yet-beautiful line features a severed women’s foot, replete with a wide variety of different shoe variants. Priced at $110 each, these will be dropping in the Bambaland store on Thursday, May 17th at 9am HK time. Unlike most Bambaland releases, this will not be an open pre-order, so if you’re interested in snagging one, you better be quick!

With the original WWR Ceasars making their way to lucky collectors as we speak, 3A have announced that the stunning figures will also be making an appearance in WWRp scale (1:12)! Set to drop on the Bambaland sometime soon, Ceasar will be available in both clean and weathered variants, across a number of different designs (the Steve Jobs inspired Ap-Pel Steve J is pictured above). Available as singles or in a set, expect these to land on the Bambaland store for pre-order later this month…

MAN-E-NEWS// Ro-Jaws and Ro-Jaws ‘Backhole’ 1/6th figures from 3A Toys x 2000AD…

Revealed here a few weeks back, 3A Toys‘ first collaboration with comic book legends 2000AD will finally be available to pre-order soon. Rolling exclusively onto the Bambaland store on March 22nd, the ‘ol sewer bot’ will be available for $110 (shipping included)- ready to ‘come to your abode and clean the… you know!’. 3AA members will also have access to an exclusive BLACKHOLE edition, which will be priced the same as the OG. Expect more news on the next 2000AD collaboration, Hammerstein, to follow soon…

Today’s 3AVOX also revealed another interesting robot to come from the studio, Harold FS: the Rothchild Experimental DIV. Following last year’s Darwin Rothchild release, Harold FS once again delves into the fictional history of WWR to offer a glimpse of how the present World War Robots came to be. Featuring fully articulated removable arms, mounted machine guns and fully working tank tracks, the beautifully designed figure should be coming to the Bambaland store sometime soon…

MAN-E-NEWS// The Metal Gear Solid REX 3AVOX from 3A Toys…

3A Toys have released a special edition of 3AVOX this week, dedicated to the upcoming pre-order of their most ambitious project yet, the Metal Gear Solid REX. Standing at a monstrous 18″ tall, the fully articulated, blue LED strutting robot will be available from the Bambaland store tomorrow (March 2nd) at 9am HK for $490, worldwide shipping included.

“It was early days at ThreeA and I was working on the new PSP MGS game and thought how cool it would be to make some really good, really authentic MGS toys. I mean, cmon, one of the greatest video games of all time really needs the best toys of all time..right !

Cut to a few years later and lot of hard work we have finally arrived at the pre-order of 1/48 scale MG REX, the utmost time and attention has been applied here, from authentic details to articulation it has all been a labor of love. Fully approved by Konami and most importantly Yoji Shinkawa the father of MG REX!”

MAN-E-NEWS// 3AVOX: March releases from threeA Toys…

Making up for the lack of appearance last week, today’s 3AVOX came packed with information regarding the latest threeA releases, including the long awaited MGS Rex’s confirmed release date and pricing. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s been revealed…

First up, threeA have officially announced a March release for their first 2000 AD collaboration, the 1/6th scale RO-JAWS. No news yet with regards to pricing or editions, but stay tuned in the coming weeks for more info on what has got to be one of A.B.C Warriors hottest figures yet.

Teased last week, Black Hole Mongrol will see his debut in 1/12 scale at threeA’s RE-VENTURE between April 27th to May 4th. Classic red/yellow 1/12 Mongrol will also go on sale through the Bambaland store at the same time for an undisclosed price. Let the 1/12th SMUSH begin !

Metal Gear Solid REX will finally be going on sale at Bambaland on March 2nd at 9am HK. Priced at $490 including shipping, the 18″ led lit behemoth is threeA’s most ambitious toy yet- we just wish that all that quality didn’t have to come at such a high price! Expect more details on the project to follow soon…

MAN-E-NEWS// 1/12 Action Portable Popbots from ThreeA Toys…

Announced through this week’s 3AVOX, the 1/12th scale Action Portable Popbots have finally seen resident sale through Bambaland. As from today (February 3rd), four single carded edition’s and the exclusive 3AA 4Way box set are available to purchase for $55 and $180 respectively (prices include shipping). Featuring all new box and card art, each Popbot also comes with it’s own kitty bag – just like the ones created for their bigger 1/6th brothers!

Alongside the standard edition Popbot’s, Bambaland will also be releasing limited supplies of the exclusive Whisper Ghost GID Popbot. Also available as single carded figures and a 4Way box set, 3AA members will be given priority for the first 24 hours, at which point the toys will be made available to the public through the Bambaland store. Pricing hasn’t been confirmed, but we’re guessing the GID Action Portables will retail close to the standard editions.

WWR JDF Mighty Square by 3A Toys…

The Good Smile Company’s latest WonFes pre-order has just been revealed, coming in the form of 3A Toys’ WWR JDF Mighty Square. The third Square to join the WWR series, the latest addition is the biggest yet, standing at roughly three times the size of the Mk2.

Coming once again in the Japan Defence Force colours, the back of the chassis also carries the same ‘EMGY’ lettering of the previously announced charity product, the JDF EMGY Armstrong (pictured below).

The Mighty Square will be available to pre-order from the Good Smiles Company store between February 12th through to February 20th, at a price of ¥12,600 (approx US$160). The edition size will be made to order, so make sure you grab one within the dates if your interested.

Check the Good Smiles site for more information…


3A Toys’ 3AA 2012 membership goes live January 13th…

Announced this morning, 3A Toys’ annual 3AA membership goes on sale Friday January 13th at 9.00am HK for a strictly limited 24 hours.

Available through 3A’s Bambaland store, membership consists of a 15% discount on all 3A products over the next 12 months, an exclusive 3A messenger bag, 3AA baseball cap, membership card, and the exclusive F-Legion Adventure Kartel 1/6th figure, all for a reasonable $180 including international p&p.

If your interested in signing up, be sure to check Bambaland here on Friday, as there won’t be another chance until next year!

(photos via 3AVOX)

Ashley Wood x Gundam x Bandai: 3A Toys’ Zaku finally touches down…

Love Gundam? Can’t get enough of Ashley Wood? Got a spare $330 burning a whole in your pocket?! Then 3A Toys’ latest addition to the family is just for you…

In a first for the legendary art toy manufacturer, chief designer Ashley Wood has collaborated with Bandai to produce one of the most impressive and intricately detailed Gundam toys to date. Taking the popular Zaku character, Ashley has woven his trademark WW2 aesthetic into the robot’s inherently Japanese stylings to breathtaking effect.

Recently announced in the 3AVOX newsletter, the fully articulated 16″ figure will be available to pre-order exclusively through the Bambaland store tomorrow (Friday January 6th, 9.00am HK) for $330, which includes international shipping.

Unaffected by the usual New Year lull and Chinese New Year preparations, 3A Toys have big plans in the way of releases over the coming months. Next week sees the launch of the annual Bambaland sale (keep an eye out for plenty of exclusives and previously out of stock items at unbelievable prices!), whilst the end of the month has been kept free for the launch of the first female member of the 7Bones, Queeny (pics to follow). February is set to bring the much anticipated Metal Gear Solid Rex robot (coinciding with the release of MGS’ HD remake), and Ro-Jaws from 2000AD- both of which were previewed in the TTFiles a few months back.

Also previewed in the latest issue of 3AVOX, the Punter Bot Sniper has one of the most impressive outfits from 3AToys to date, featuring a fully scaled authentic Ghillie suit. Released exclusively through Asian distributor BBICN, the figure is now available in the UK at One Sixth Bruce for £110. (UPDATED)

(photos/info- threeA)

Uncovered: The Beautiful World of Ashley Wood’s ThreeA Toys

Founded in 2008 by ThreeZero’s Kim Fung Wong and artist Ashley Wood, threeA have gone from strength to strength to become one of the world’s leading art toy manufacturers.

Focusing on anime inspired 1/6th scale figures and post-apocalyptic robots, threeA’s attention to detail surpasses anything seen in the mass production toy industry thus far; from the perfectly scaled clothing of the Adventure Kartel line, to the photorealistic battle scars of the World War Robots, each piece has been lovingly designed by Wood, making threeA’s creations some of the most desirable in the scene.

Always pushing forward, the company is involved in a huge amount of projects, including new lines, collaborations, clothing and exhibitions. Here’s a quick run down of their latest / forthcoming work:


threeA x Linkin Park: A Thousand Horizons

In a collaboration with Linkin Park, threeA are producing a limited edition WWRp Bramble robot, celebrating the band’s 2010 album “A Thousand Suns”, and the recent launch of A Thousand Horizons, a charity art show / initiative benefiting the victims of the March 11th earthquake and tsunami disaster. The figures are available to preorder through threeA’s web store until September 28th (production finish / mail out set for January 2012). Unlike most of Ashley Wood’s lines, the Linkin Park WWRp Bramble’s edition number will be set at the amount that are ordered by that date, so any collectors wishing to purchase should act fast!

threeA x Bandai: Zaku

Featured in the latest issue of 3AVOX, threeA’s newly established magazine, is one of the companies biggest collaborations to date. Taking on the mighty Bandai, Ashley Wood has created an astonishingly intricate re-interpretation of Gundam’s most feared nemesis; Zaku. Pre-orders for the beautifully weathered robot will be available some time in November, with a Zaku VOX special planned for the new year.

threeA ‘Real Steel’ Collaboration

Also featuring in last month’s edition of 3AVOX is threeA’s latest project with Dreamworks. Working on a range of limited toys for the studio’s upcoming robot boxing film “Real Steel” starring Hugh Jackman, threeA have released several sample shots to whet our appetites. A final reveal, plus release date, should be available through their site soon.

threeA’s Adventure Kartel: The Finger Gang

Already a huge success, threeA’s prestigious Adventure Kartel line will be spawning yet another series in the form of the Finger Gang. Presented in 11 different colourways (similar to the Ankou-Ex figure pictured), the toys will come ‘blind boxed’, with a Faux Retailer Carton Set also available containing all 11 figures.
threeA gives us a little backstory on the new design-

“TheFinger Gang blow into town, their boss King Thumb wants some attention from Cherry Shadow, the alter ego of Little Shadow. Apart from Little Shadow being kinda pissed that some lowlife bot wants some, king EMO himself, Tommy Mission (part time boyfriend and nutbag to Shadow) doesn’t take it too well either. Rev up the TEARS !”

threeA’s ReVenture HK 2012

HK Venture, threeA’s annual event, has been confirmed for April 27th – May 4th 2012. Entitled “ReVenture HK”, the show is set to feature a select few artists with various threeA customs, Ashley Wood’s latest toy  lines, plus the chance to score some of the company’s most exclusive products. Check the Tru:Teknology Files in coming months for artist, venue and product confirmations, which will be posted as soon as we get them.

(photos taken from last year’s event)

For more information on threeA and their forthcoming products, check out their website here.

(photos/info- threeA/toyzrevil)