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MAN-E-NEWS// The Rivet Wars board game from Super Robot Punch x Cool Mini Or Not…


After a whole year in the making, Ted Terranova is proud to announce that Super Robot Punch will be teaming up with Cool Mini Or Not for the release of the Rivet Wars board game! As a few of you may remember in our interview with Ted last year, this was definitely on the cards for the brand at some point down the line- we just never knew it would happen so quickly! With rules, sculpts, art, tiles and other components already in the final stages of development (including the various protos we’ve posted recently), Cool Mini Or Not will be rolling out a Kickstarter to help support the game in the next couple of weeks, which, if successful, will allow the team to add more miniatures and items to the core game and hopefully expand things well beyond that. In lieu of a full reveal next week (hopefully!), we leave you here with new images of the heavy horse cavalry officer, Wolverine heavy assault suit and the latest print of the monowheel… Expect more news as soon as we get it!

Ted Terranova Art

MAN-E-NEWS// Rivet Wars ‘Archival MT-1 Locomotion Tests’ from Ted Terranova…


Ahead of a full reveal of the latest additions to the Rivet Wars series (check out the protos here), Ted Terranova has leaked some secret ‘archival’ test footage of a never before seen design, the MT-1 Locomotion! Appearing to be a cross between the new ‘Walker’ vehicle and the original Vert tank, we can only assume that this was how the Walker was originally fleshed out… although we’re kind of hoping it’s the reveal of Rivet Wars’ first articulated figure! As always, Ted remains tight lipped about exact release dates or availability, but you can be sure that as soon as we here anything of the MT-1, plus the previous 3 designs, we’ll be covering it right here…

MAN-E-NEWS// The M.U.S.C.L.E Man lamp from Sit&Bolt…

We rarely deviate from the art toy/minifigure formula here at Man-E-Toys, but upon seeing the latest lamp design from upstart lifestyle company Sit&Bolt (kindly shared by @sandwhichempire), we couldn’t resist showing you guys! Created by collaging together a huge selection of M.U.S.C.L.E figures, the piece has then been sprayed in a beautiful dark metallic blue finish… an absolute must for all lovers of little rubber guys! Unfortunately, the M.U.S.C.L.E lamp is currently unavailable to purchase, but with the launch of the Sit&Bolt site not long off, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that this will become one of the first pieces to feature… expect an update soon!

MAN-E-XCLUSIVE// WIP H.U.S.T.L.E “Skworm Hunter” 3 pack revealed…

With ‘Ed Skworm Vs. Min-E-Face finally hitting the Man-E-Toys store in little under an hour, we’ve decided to celebrate by exclusively revealing the next batch of incoming figures… the Skworm Hunters! Allies of Min-E-Face, the Skworm Hunters are due to come in a blistered pack featuring 3 all new designs; Skworm Hunter Grunt/Archer, Skworm Hunter Youth Brigade, and our favourite, the Bully… Created from a mixture of digital sculpting, M.U.S.C.L.E kit-bashing and good old fashioned clay, we’ve decided to once again cast these in a mixture of resin and rubber to appease both mini figure and art toy fans alike… With the Archer already cast (head over to the awesomeUniversity of MUSCLE for a sneak peek), and both Bully and Youth figures nearing completion, expect the trio towards the end of next month.

CALLING ALL CUSTOMISERS/SCULPTORS! We are currently looking for artists to team up with for future H.U.S.T.L.E releases (we plan to work on a series of Vs. sets in the near future), so if you think you fit the bill, contact us directly at with any examples of your work you can supply…

MAN-E-NEWS// The Rivet Wars Rocket Bike from Ted Terranova…

With the previously posted MonoWheel now awaiting production after a successful test-print last month, Ted Terranova is proud to reveal the latest vehicle to join the Rivet Wars fight, the Rocket Bike! Shown here in an exploded view, we’re glad to see the multi-part assembly of the Quad Stugs hasn’t put Ted off doing a similarly complex figure… this beast is set to come in 5 different pieces! Judging by the grunt (soldier) design, this will form part of the Allies side, joining the Vert Tank and Quad Stug in the battle against the evil Blight. No news on an exact release date for either the MonoWheel or Rocket Bike, but we have our fingers crossed for a debut at NYCC in October. Stay tuned for more news soon.

MAN-E-NEWS// The ‘Rivet Wars’ Blighter Monowheel from Ted Terranova…

Recently revealed here a few weeks back, Rivet Wars creator Ted Terranova has been hard a work developing the highly anticipated Blighter Monowheel! Pictured above is a near-finished sculpt of the contraption… as you can see from previous shots, Ted has added a huge amount of detail, pivoting the vehicle to give the soldier a more dynamic stance. In line with recent grunt designs, Ted has made the figure instantly recognisable as a Blight, decking him out in ceremonial suit, hat and cutlas. Soon to be heading to the 3D printers for prototyping, expect more news on this promising release, alongside the recently revealed grunts, soon…

MAN-E-NEWS// The Bearycalm vinyl figure from Bubi Au Yeung and Camilo Bejarano…

“This asymmetrical work of art was born from the friction of lead, paper, and two creative minds that live 8,917 miles away from each other. But beware, Bearycalm has some side effects which may include trouble getting angry or sad, lowering stress, and reducing the amount of white hairs.Please consult your doctor before pledging for Bearycalm.

Bearycalm is the first creation from artist duo Bubi Au Yeung (designer of Treeson) and Camilo Bejarano, and with your help the pair are hoping to get the adorable 5″ character produced in vinyl! With a Kickstarter campaign already underway, Bubi and Camilo are offering a number of different tiers, with pledges for the figure starting as low as $45 for the standard white edition and just $55 if you want to go with Mint Fresh green. Be sure to head over to the project page to make your contribution before closing on Saturday, May 19th at 12.27am EDT…

MAN-E-NEWS// ‘Zone 6’ figure from Erick Scarecrow x Eno…

Erick Scarecrow reveals yet another incoming project, the ‘Zone 6’ collaboration with Japan artist Eno of Tomenosuke. Set to drop at the tail end of 2012, details on pricing and availability are scarce, but from what we can tell from the above image, this Eastern inspired piece is set to become one of ESC Toy’s most sought after resin releases yet. We’ll bring you more news on the project as soon as it hits, and in the mean time, head over to Erick’s blog for up to date info on all of ESC Toy’s forthcoming releases…

MAN-E-NEWS// ‘InstaCharacter’ Instagram figure from JC Rivera…

Social media, pop culture and art toys collide in the latest concept sculpt from JC Rivera, the ‘InstaCharacter’. Taking the logo from everybody’s  favourite photo sharing app, Instagram, Rivera originally designed the figure way back last year, resting dormant until now… Recently receiving full backing from the app’s owners, Rivera has since gone on to make a clay prototype which has then been digitally re-sculpted by Scott Wetterschneider. The only problem with the project thus far is that Rivera is still to find a company  that will fund a production run of these awesome little guys. It’s hard to understand why anyone wouldn’t jump at the chance at producing these potentially lucrative figures, so we’re guessing it’ll be just a matter of time. Stay tuned in the coming months for more info, and in the mean time, head over to the JC Rivera site to check out his amazing custom and original work…

MAN-E-TOYS// The Tenebrae: Droffus from Patricio Oliver x Unbox Industries…

Last month Patricio Oliver turned to his fans to help decide which Tenebrae inhabitant should be realised as a toy next. With voting on the 4 available characters closing at the beginning of the month, Oliver has finally revealed the winner to be Droffus, with a discernable 47% of the vote. Set to be produced by premier UK art toy house Unbox Industries in the near future, be sure to keep checking both Oliver‘s and the Unbox Industries Facebook pages for up to date info…

MAN-E-NEWS// OMFG! series 2 from October Toys: vote now…

With the final submissions for OMFG! series 2 due a couple of weeks back, George Gaspar over at October Toys has finally managed to organise the staggering 461 entries ready for voting. Competition has been fierce this time around, with the dedicated thread holding well over 8 months and 140 pages of ideas, concepts, and wip sculpts from a wide variety of both established and up-and-coming artists. Anyone interested in voting should head over to the October Toys forum here, where you can make your choice of up to 5 submissions. Whilst all the entries are available to view together here (be patient, loading all 461 can take a while!), we’ve decided to give you a quick rundown of a few that caught our eye…

Voting end date will be determined and posted on the October Toys forum soon…

MAN-E-FEATURE// OMFG! Series 2 submissions…

With the closing date for OMFG Series 2 submissions looming (entries must be posted in the October Toys forum by February 29th), we’ve decided to give a quick run-down of some of the best entries we’ve seen so far. Competition has been fierce this time around, with the dedicated thread now holding well over 8 months and 140 pages of ideas, concepts, and wip sculpts. The final submissions will be collated on October Toys’ site, and will be ready for voting at the end of the week. Stay tuned for more information in the next few days…

[Monkey King’s Scorpion Girl] 

“Probably the last sketch I’ll do for Scorpion GIrl, Barbella. Was trying to give her a mini figure feel, hope you guys like it…”

[Delko’s GameBro]

“I gave him a face grid, looks kinda meh unpainted but… you can actually get some nice expression going on with just a 10×10 box.”

[Natron’s Nipplor and Cuddlefish]

First off, Nipplor—a muscley guy covered in nipples. I imagined rubber nipples, but I think flesh nipples might be more disturbing. Pictured is a draft sculpt of Nipplor, along with the Cuddlefish (thanks for the encouragement, T16skyhopp!). I haven’t done the Cuddlefish’s eyes yet, but I like how her back pattern turned out. I also need to redo her arms so she can stand properly. Nipplor is about half an inch too short, so I’ll have to redo him (and I hadn’t done arms or any detail yet).

[Jimmy Foo’s Tongue/Vomit (?!) entry]

“For want of a better name this lil fella is Lick-Or…….”

[Très’ MOTU themed Robot Meteor and Okt ver4]

[Monster Forge’s Elder and Alien Bob]

Been working on a couple of ideas here and there as I’ve had time… these are still rough… need to clean them up and sand them a bit to make ’em smoooooooooove. The alien guy is Bob. The crab guy is The Elder…

Talking of his Elder entry-The similarity to the Crayboth is totally unintentional, but I kinda like that it works that way… maybe a subspecies of Crayboth that lives in the ocean. I was going for a Lovecraftian horror meets the Garthim of The Dark Crystal type of critter.

[We Become Monsters’ as yet unnamed entry]

[Ironmask’s  the colossus of rictus row, Deadface, and a new unnamed freestyle sculpt]

[RedJaroJam’s entry, The Living Candle]

[RuFuS’ B.A.B.E.E. entry]

“Stands for Bionic. Atomic. Bionic. Earth. Enforcer…”

[oOMoSOo’s Skeleton Viking] 

Okay well I’m starting the sculpt now it will be a slightly different design to make it more fitting style wise instead of so sharp. Seeing as he was the most popular of my designs for N.E.C.R.O I decided to submit the Viking looking dude.

[Eric Nilla’s Rock Ogre and Pet Robot entries]

[Scott Tolleson’s ‘Missing’ Milk Carton entry]

[Turbopistola’s Cuddlehard]

Turbopistola previewed an entry for the new series last month with his take on the logos huge lipped design (pictured), but on reading his latest posts, we expect the figure to differ wildly once it’s revealed tomorrow- take a look…

UPDATED// W.I.P Keyth resin toy from Tesselate…

Hot off of the back of his first toy release of 2012 (the latest batch of Keyeyes Yo, pictured below), UK based artist Tesselate has just revealed some work-in-progress shots of his latest resin creation, entitled Keyth. Expanding on his signature keyboard theme, Tesselate is currently in the process of refining the sculpt, so information on edition size, colourways, and pricing is still being kept under wraps.

We’ll keep you up to date on any further developments, but head over to Tesselate’s Flickr/site for more photos/videos/information on the project.

Dropping last Friday (January 13th) on Tesselate’s shop here, the new batch of Keyeyes Yo are still available to purchase at £9/$14 each plus shipping.


UPDATE! Pressbots are coming…

Yesterday also saw the announcement of Tesselate’s latest resin mini-figure, the Pressbot. No news as to pricing or edition size (we’re guessing it’s just the six pictured below), but the have been confirmed with a release date of “sometime this week”.

Shaun of the Dead Lego concept by Yatkuu on Cuusoo…

Idea Image

If we hole up, I wanna be somewhere familiar, I wanna know where the exits are, and I wanna be allowed to smoke! -Shaun

Whilst sifting through the many brilliant Lego concepts on Cuusoo, we stumbled upon the latest project by Yatkuu- a startlingly accurate diorama of the Winchester pub from Shaun of the Dead!

Idea Image

Intended to sit alongside Lego’s recent Modular Houses series, the set features a full cast of characters (including zombie clown!), many of which have been custom created by the guys over at BrickArms. Anyone interested in seeing this project realised should head over to Cuusoo now to place a vote- 10,000 are needed for a set to go under review by Lego.

Idea Image

The interior of the pub would allow everyone to replay the “Don’t Stop me now” scene to their hearts content!

Idea Image

Idea Image

(photos/info via Yatkuu/Cuusoo)

Studio Ghibli x Mondo: Alternate movie poster series set to drop

Collectible art boutique Mondo have recently announced a partnership with legendary Japanese animation house Studio Ghibli, presenting a poster series to coincide with the studio’s 25 year retrospective, set to run at the ICF Center, NYC, from Friday December 16th to Thursday January 12th.

(standard edition)

The first poster, a reinterpretation of Miyazaki’s My Neighbour Totoro by internationally recognised artist Olly Moss, is set to drop tomorrow alongside the first screening. Available in standard and alternate editions, the 20″ x 36″ posters are priced at $50 and $90 respectively and are limited to just 400/100 each. Mondo’s next poster has been confirmed as Porco Rosso, follow them @MondoNews for more information on announced artists, release dates and prices.


(info- mondo)


Thundercraps Signed Artist Proofs from Rotobox

Philippino designer toy house Rotobox has recently released a limited number of signed artist proofs from their Thundercraps series 1 line. Paying a loving tribute to Lion-o and Tygra from cult cartoon Thundercats, the toys, based on Rotobox’s Spiki platform, were originally revealed earlier in the year at the San diego Comic Con to huge success. Curiously, we hadn’t seen anything of the toys since their reveal, so it was a nice surprise to see them available to purchase- albeit in limited numbers.

Tigrowl and Lion-oh-Really are available through Rotobox’s store here for P600 each or P1000 for the pair. Anyone outside of the Philippines should e-mail Rotobox directly at… for international prices and shipping rates.

Rotobox recently took part in the Vinyl+Splash custom art exhibition, with their Superobo Android Avenger set (pictured here) stealing the show. Consisting of various designer toys mashed to perfection, Rotobox’s beautiful interpretations of our favourite Avengers characters, including Hulk, Thor, Iron Man and Captain America have to be seen to be believed! Check their site here for more pictures…

(photos- rotobox)

Mr Tea Strong & Black Edition by Lunartik: Pre-order Now!

A regular here at the Tru:Teknology Files, UK based toy designer and illustrator Lunartik is set to drop yet another exclusive figure in the form of the long awaited Mr Tea: Strong and black edition.

Originally done as a commissioned custom “Lunartik in a cup of tea”, the A Team inspired piece became so popular that it went on to become one of the limited “special brews” in the Mini Tea series last year. With high demand for a full sized production run, Lunartik finally bowed to the pressure, making a strictly limited run of 100 that are only available to purchase through his site here.

Available for £85.00, each 6.5″ vinyl Mr Tea figure comes signed and numbered, with their own golden tea stirrer and sugar cubes. 35 of the toys have already been snapped up, so don’t hesitate in going over to the store if your interested. Lunartik will be posting all per-orders out on December 19th, so all UK collectors can expect a delivery before Christmas…


(photos- lunartik)

Zealot Guard Artist Series 1: Paper Robots from Oh-Sheet

Just revealed by premier papercrafters ‘Oh Sheet’, the Zealot Guard:Artist Series 1 is their latest custom collaboration project, featuring the works of 6 leading paper artists. With Abigail Braceros’ newly designed Zealot Guard robot the platform of choice for the series, Marko Zubak, Marshall Alexander, Saltnpaper, Sal Azad, Vinsart and Nick Knite have used it to create some of the most eye catching paper art we’ve seen in a long time.

(Forest Guard by Marshall Alexander)

The templates for all of the Zealot robot customs are available to download through Oh Sheet’s web page here, and best of all- they’re free! Oh Sheet suggest working on some easier projects if your new to papercraft, the Zealot Guards are one of their trickier designs. Check out the Ruddy or Lemi customs here to get started…

Forming back in April 2009, Oh Sheet has become a leader in contemporary papercraft design, working on several custom projects (including the recent Zombie BFF for Cube Craft), Oh Sheet skins and original designs featuring homages to the likes of Michael Jackson, Teen Wolf and Evil Dead. Check their site here for more information.

(photos- ohsheet)

Codename Babushka: Russian Doll Art @ Kidrobot LDN

In a collaboration with art/design site Flatties, Kidrobot London opened it’s doors to the first “Codename:Babushska” custom art exhibition last Thursday (December 1st). Russian dolls were the platform of choice for the show, with 15 UK artists including Matt “Lunartik” Jones, A Little Stranger, RunDMB and Triclops Studio each customising 5 of the various sized dolls.

The dolls are now available to purchase through Flatties’ web store here, running at £140 per set. Instead of selling each of the artist’s creations together, Flatties have rather interestingly mixed them all up, leaving it down to luck which 5 you’ll get- the ultimate blind box art toy!

Effectively you will receive a blindbox in a blindbox in a blindbox in a blindbox in a blindbox in a blindbox! Out of the those numerous blindboxes you will receive art work from 5 different artists!

– Kidrobot UK

Here’s a few of our favourite designs-

(photos- flatties)

UPDATE: Exclusive interview with “SATURDAY MORNING RPG” creator Josh Fairhurst

Featured a couple of weeks back here on the Tru:Teknology Files, upcoming iOS/Android game Saturday Morning RPG holds one of the most alluring premises we’ve ever heard; an episodic role playing game steeped in 80’s nostalgia, drawing from cult cartoons, pop culture, and classic video games- perfectly wrapped up in modern gaming sensibilities, and with the first instalment free!

Keen to find out more about this amazing project, we contacted Mighty Rabbit Studios who were more than happy to talk about the game’s imminent January release. President (and brainchild of SM RPG) Josh Fairhurst spared us some time from his busy schedule to give us the lowdown on the game, his influences, and future plans for the IP-

(SM RPG w.i.p screens, July 2011)

Saturday Morning RPG is an amazing concept, and one that we can’t believe hasn’t been realised before. Where did the idea originate from?

I was playing “Transformers: War for Cybertron” thinking about how (if given the chance) I’d do a Transformers game differently. The idea hit me that an episodic structure would fit the franchise so much better than the big, overarching storylines that had been core to Transformers video games thus far. Imagine that instead of playing a single ten-hour story – you got ten hour-long stories, each with their own beginning, middle, and end. In one episode you’d thwart Megatron’s plans to destroy Cybertron – in the next you’d be battling Megatron on Earth for control of some natural resources. It just seemed like the right way to do a Transformers game.

Obviously we don’t have the Transformers license so I couldn’t make that game – but I’d always wanted to make an RPG, so I thought it would be cool to take that episodic idea, slather it with references to 80s nostalgia, and turn it into an RPG. The RPG genre just seemed like a perfect fit for an episodic game since it would allow character progression to carry through the episodes.

(Commander Hood – Skeliboar – Manly Man – Marty Concept Drawings)

As well as the many t.v, film and pop culture references, your recent trailer hints at homages to 80’s video games as well. Which ones are you including, and how are they being incorporated?

In Saturday Morning RPG, Marty attacks enemies using objects that he collects in the game’s overworld. These objects each have a unique power in battle – some of them have several. In the case of the trailer, we showed off our reference to the Atari VCS controller. That particular item will cause one of five powers to occur, each one modeled after a classic Atari game. In the trailer you can see references to Breakout and Adventure. The three you didn’t see are Asteroids, Missile Command, and Pong. The cool thing about these attacks is in order to use them effectively, you actually have to play a very small impromptu version of the games they are based on (well, for everything but the Adventure reference).

We did change the look of the Adventure “duck” (it’s a dragon, but I love calling it a duck) post-trailer. We want it to be absolutely clear that these items are being used as parodies or satires of the real things.

We’re planning to include several other video game references as future objects in the game. We’ve got one for Tetris on the books that should be pretty awesome.

(Humbug Concept Sketch)

The series is set across several episodes, do you plan to make each one themed around a different 80’s show/cartoon? The screens so far suggest a GI Joe and MOTU inspired episode, can you tell us what others you plan to emulate? (please say Thundercats, Turtles and MASK!)

The game world of Saturday Morning RPG is primarily based around Marty’s home town of Shadow Valley. The core concept of the world is kind of Venture Brothers-esque in that everything from 80s cartoons actually exists in real life. Saturday morning cartoons aren’t cartoons to Marty – they’re reality TV. It’s kind of a complicated concept to explain, but what this means is that in each episode you’ll run across elements and references to several 80s cartoons since they all inhabit the same space.

The trailer shows footage of our first episode in which Marty gains his powers and fights his arch-nemesis for the first time. The episode takes place in a semi-real dream that has Marty crossing an environment inspired by He-Man before transitioning to his enemy’s hideout in the arctic (whose architecture is clearly inspired by the Shredder’s Technodrome).

In general most episodes will be a clear parody of one cartoon, but you’ll still see plenty of references to other cartoons. One of the episodes I’m most excited to start work on is our Turtles parody. Marty finds out that Shadow Valley is being terrorized by a man named “The Sweater”, who lives in the town’s sewer system. In order to track down The Sweater and stop his crime spree, Marty has to go into the sewers, where he encounters the “Ninja” turtles – which are just actual turtles with ninja weapons duct taped or glued on to them.

(Sharebears Concept Sketch)

I’m also excited to work on our Care Bears inspired episode – the bears in Saturday Morning RPG are all realistic looking rainbow colored grizzly bears who live in the clouds above Shadow Valley. You’ll start seeing these guys in the second episode of the game during a quest called “Save Bearris”. I won’t go into details because I’m already ranting way too much here.

When can we expect the first episode, and how often will future installments drop? Is there an overall story arch with a set number of episodes, or do you plan to just continue the IP based on popularity?

We want to have the first episode out by the end of January – I’m crossing my fingers that we don’t miss that date. The first episode of the game will launch simultaneously with the second episode. The first episode is free, while the second one (and all future episodes) will be a paid in-app purchase. Each episode will add new enemies, areas, stories, and (most importantly) objects to the core game.

Since we want this to function like an actual 80s cartoon, you’ll be able to play any episode, at any time, in any order (as long as we’ve released those episodes). This means there will only be loose continuity between episodes; important things will carryover but in general, most episodes will be self-contained (the Transformers cartoon did this with Spike and Carly’s relationship and *25 year old spoiler* Optimus Prime’s death).

In addition to being able to play episodes in completely random order, you’ll be able to replay episodes infinitely. We’re going to have small things change in episodes depending on which other episodes you’ve previously beaten, so there will be a little incentive to replay older episodes.

(Ron, Jon, and Shaun Concept Sketch)

Have any of you guys had experience working with RPGs before?

My co-founder Nic has probably worked on some RPG ports for old Java based phones, but none of us have ever built an RPG from the ground up. It’s been quite the learning experience. We’d all played a ton of RPGs (we have a game library in the office with pretty much any RPG of note), so we knew exactly how we wanted the game to play – we just had to learn how to actually get it there; so far, I’d say we’ve done a pretty killer job.

The biggest thing we learned was that no matter how small the project seems, RPGs are always going to be one of the toughest genres to work with.

(Saturday Morning RPG Teaser Trailer, update to follow soon)

Obvious one, but what are all of your favourite Saturday morning cartoons?

My personal favorite is The Transformers, I’m a huge Transformers nerd and I’m not afraid to admit it. I have a huge collection of the toys, I’ve read as many of the comics as I could, and I still watch the G1 cartoon whenever I get the chance.

Other favorites around the office include TMNT, Garfield and Friends, MASK, and obscurely enough Turbo Teen.

Josh Fairhurst


Mighty Rabbit Studios, Inc.

We’d like to give a big thanks to Josh and Ben over at Mighty Rabbit for giving up their precious time to talk about the project. We should have a preview build of the game in the coming weeks, so look forward to an in-depth review of what could become one of 2012’s most interesting titles!

(photos- mightyrabbit)